Toy Capsule Easter Characters

Easter is quickly approaching and it’s about time I shared an Easter project.
It just seems like I’ve had a creative block lately.  But this last week I’ve pulled out of my funk so be prepared to be bombarded with Easter projects over the next 2 weeks!!
Today I have such a fun project.
I think these are the cutest things and my kids are super excited to get their hands on these little guys.
These are my toy capsule chicks and bunnies.
Here is how I made them.
It all started when the hubs gave the kids some money for the little toy machines while we were waiting at a restaurant.  They each got 2 of these little capsules.  I had them in my hands and loved the fun spring colors of the lids and decided I needed to use them for something.
I made my husband put them in his pockets and wouldn’t let him throw them out.
I got that look, you know the one, it goes along with rolled eyes!
I actually found in my craft stash some foam shapes already in the shapes I needed, but you could cut these out of cardstock or craft foam too.  I had google eyes and pom poms for the noses and tails too.
 Using craft glue for the eyes, noses and tails and hot glue for the ears and wings, I assembled my cute chicks and bunnies.
Once they were dry, I removed the cap and filled with treats!
I used marshmallows, cheese puffs and jelly beans.
These will be so cute in an easter basket, favors for an easter party or just a fun surprise for your little ones.
I didn’t have help from my kids with this, but these could be a fun project with your kids too!
I think they turned out so cute and my kids want to play with them just as much as they want to eat the treats inside!
These capsules can be found on Amazon or online or maybe you have some laying around your house too!
Happy Crafting!
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  1. says

    Those are just super cute! I love them and I am so going to have to make some also :) Such a fun idea and reuse of items, great job. So true about the hubby look, I have seen it before to :)

  2. says

    So sweet and just perfect with Easter coming up so soon! Gonna have to pin this one!

    Happy Easter, you crafty lady :)

    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Visiting from Tuesday Time Out linky party today!
    Suz in NW Illinois

  3. says

    This is so clever, Liz!! I love it. Just wanted to stop by to let you know I am featuring this post in my Monday Round-Up:) (If you would rather not be featured, just let me know).

    Katie @FunHomeThings


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