DIY Candy Jars

Over the weekend I attended a fun Pinterest Party with some other local bloggers.
It was hosted by Laura of Pink Cake Plate,
and Heather of Brie Brie Blooms
It was so fun to get to know, mingle and laugh with so many bloggers that all have a passion for blogging.
We brought a Pinterest inspired craft to make while we were there and of course a Pinterest inspired dish to share.  We also brought an inexpensive hand crafted gift to exchange.
Not only was our gift supposed to be inexpensive (less than $10) it too was supposed to be inspired by pinterest.  I thought it was a great idea.  We get to leave with a fun surprise!
I decided to make this
for Halloween.

Kim from The Celebration Shoppe first shared this adorable idea last year.  She even has a Frankenstein one.  Very cute.
Here is how I made my candy jar:
For this project I needed:
glass bowl ($1 at dollar tree)
glass candle stick holder ($1 at dollar tree)
black glass paint
glass epoxy that dries clear (I went to Ace hardware to get mine)
paint brush
craft sticks
contact paper (or stencil)
xacto knife
1. I used the graph side of the contact paper and made my design.
2. Used my xacto knife to cut it out
3. stuck it to my glass bowl (smoothing it out as best I could)
4. paint it with glass specific paint.
I did 2 coats, but I let it dry with the stencil on a little too long and when I pulled it off, some of the paint tried to come off too.
I decided to do a ghost version too and used my 1″ circle punch to create the ghost face.
Then it is time to epoxy.
(make sure to read the directions on your adhesive and follow them,
this is just the directions mine came with)
1. Squeeze some of the epoxy onto a paper plate
2. Using a craft stick, I mixed the 2 sides together
3. I used the same craft stick to apply epoxy to my candle stick holder
4. I turned the bowl upside down and placed the epoxy side of the candle stick holder on the center of the bottom of the bowl
I then let it sit over night to set.
I added a little bow around the base and filled it with some fun orange taffy.
This was an easy project with a great end result.
Now wouldn’t you want to take one of these home?
I had a hard time parting with them.
Plus I have a ton of epoxy and paint left over.   I just need to head on back to the dollar tree for more glass!
More about the AZ Pinterest Party, with pics, next week!
Happy Epoxying!
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